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Godspeed Profiles

Christina Bothman who sings tenor or lead, and plays the mandolin is from Dover, KY. Christina has recorded vocals with several artists: Including Don Rigsby, Ricky Simpkins, and 12 year old Gary Robinson! Her new album, "This Journey", produced by Ricky Simpkins will be released in March, 2004! Also appearing on the album to embellish the songs with his dynamic guitar style is Wyatt Rice! Patricia Smith, Christina's little sister, accompanies her with sweet tenor/alto vocals on 5 of the 10 songs!
Donna Carr (left)sings the lead, alto, and plays the rhythm guitar. She is founder of Godspeed and is from Foster, Kentucky. She has written several songs on Godspeed's 1st and 2nd albums! Donna began her "career" singing accapella for several years until her dad, Lonnie Miller, gave her a vintage Gibson guitar.(A picture of this beautiful guitar is featured on the cover of the "Have Faith" CD along with a special dedication to her & Jim's dad, Lonnie.) The rest is history. In Donna's mind there are no "Big" or "Little" bookings, and she is quick to remind the rest of the group to always sing to that "one" that the Lord brought to hear them on that particular date. Sharing the Gospel with the lost, encouraging the saints, that's the privilege of being in Godspeed.
Jim Miller (right) plays lead guitar. He has played bluegrass-gospel music many times with his good friend Dave Marshall back his "earlier" years. A few years ago he decided to get his ole' Martin out of the closet and bring back the older sounds in bluegrass music! He is from Walton, Kentucky and is an original member of the group. Jim has also written several songs for the group. He was invited by The Sullivan Family to accompany them on stage at the Gospel Bluegrass Showcase in 2005. He really wowed the crowd with his famous "crosspickin" style. His wife, Patti Miller, travels with the group and is the group "photographer" and treasurer. Patti is truly an angel. She is always working behind the scenes.
Cliff Carr (picture coming soon!)is now playing Banjo for the group and is doing a fine job. Cliff made his debut last summer and also played at the Sullivan Family's Gospel Bluegrass Showcase 2005. He is the husband of Donna and is a hardworking, faithful member of Godspeed. In addition to playing Banjo, Cliff also sets up & tears down the PA & drives the "Godspeed" van as well. Cliff is greatly appreciated & loved by the whole group, they couldn't do without him.

ATTENTION!!!!!! To order "ONE VOICE" or "HAVE FAITH" send a $15 check or money order to: Patti Miller-1946 Beaver Rd-Walton, KY 41094. (add an additional $2 for shipping & handling)or come see us live!!!